M-POD Accessibility Options (Wheelchairs)

 Symbol Of Access Signs - Access Sign Disabled Symbol

INAPOD Accessibility Options - M-POD only.  (Wheelchairs)

*Please advise if this feature is required when requesting a quotation as modifications are required.

Wheelchair Ramp  A wheelchair ramp can be installed for easy access and egress. (Complies with the Australian Standards - Access for People with Disabilities)  Ramp height is 9cm high with a length of 90cm (10:1 gradient)  *Please advise if this feature is required when requesting a quotation.

Door Handle Height  The door lever/handle height is easy to reach at 102cm from the floor.  Door lever/handles should be located between 90cm and 110cm above the finished floor level (100cm being the preferred height).

Ease of Opening  The door lever/handles are easy to open requiring a minimum of force to open the door, compared to a doorknob for example.

Door Width  The door opening is 94cm wide for the M-POD allowing easy access  (85cm is the minimum width required)

Visibility & Safety   Laminated Glass on 2 sides of the INAPOD affords great visibility to the interior and exterior for a feeling of inclusivity to the outside milieu.  Additionally, it is also an important safety feature, as in the event of an emergency, the user can see and hear any warning device that may alert the user to any outside threat on either side of the pod.

Please contact the team at INAPOD for further information.