Achieving BCA & NCC Fire Compliance with Inapod Office Pods - Norman Disney & Young - Certified to Australian & International Standards

** All test results are located at the bottom of this page **

I am pleased to announce the release of the most comprehensive Australian Fire Engineering Guidance Notes and Fire Test Results for the Inapod Acoustic Office Pods ever undertaken.

Designed for Architects, Designers, Fire Engineers & Specifiers, this specially commissioned fire engineering report has been written by Norman Disney & Young (Fire Engineers) and Ignis Labs (Fire Testing Laboratory) and includes references to all relevant Australian Standards and Australian building compliance requirements.

The intent of these reports is to provide guidance for designers around the fire safety compliance requirements associated with the Inapod Office Pod products that can be used on any Commercial, Government or Private single or multi-storey project in Australia. 

This report from NDY and all test results can be used when submitting for any tender.

Norman Disney & Young Fire Engineers

Inapod Additional Reference Documents - GMA & PBS Certification Documents

The following Building Certification Services
companies have stated the following about the INAPOD range of products:

1. "We have reviewed the literature provided in relation to the INAPOD Office Pod series (S,W,D,C,M) and it is our opinion that the units constitute “furniture” or a “joinery unit” and as such are not subject to the requirements of Clause C1:10 of the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume 1."

2. "It is further our opinion that the installation of the INAPOD Office Pod series units into a building would not constitute building work that requires approval."