Inapod Fire Safety Compliance

Fire Safety Compliance and Australian NCC Provisions

Fire safety compliance requirements associated with the pods are often subject to variations in interpretations between individual Building Certifiers and Fire Protection Designers. This can be confusing to those specifying the product and others associated with fit-out designs.

Interpretations vary in terms of the compliance of materials and whether fire systems such as sprinklers need to be installed to comply with prescriptive requirements.

Sprinkler System

Additionally an automatic sprinkler system can be installed after the unit has been assembled if required by local regulations. There are knock out holes in the ceiling to fit a fire sprinkler head if required.

This means that the INAPOD acoustic office pods comply with the fire sprinkler requirements for multi-story buildings in Australia.

Norman Disney & Young Fire Engineers

Notwithstanding the above, Norman Disney Young’s fire engineering team are undertaking a ‘Performance Solutions’ assessment on the installation of INAPODS in office fit-outs on a performance basis. This is an alternative to following Prescriptive Code Requirements.

The Norman Disney Young report provides independent advice on the regulatory issues to enable you to make an informed decision about whether or how to proceed. 

Additionally, the following Building Certification Services companies have stated the following about the INAPOD range of products:

1. "We have reviewed the literature provided in relation to the INAPOD Office Pod series (S,W,D,C,M) and it is our opinion that the units constitute “furniture” or a “joinery unit” and as such are not subject to the requirements of Clause C1:10 of the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume 1."

2. "It is further our opinion that the installation of the INAPOD Office Pod series units into a building would not constitute building work that requires approval."



Fire Safety Requirements

The PODS do not contain materials that can be easily combustible. The chassis and body of the INAPODS are made from structural steel with steel sheet covering. No plywood panels or timber beams are used in the

The internal surface materials, upholstery and acoustic materials have been rigorously tested to international fire standards and contain no easily combustible materials. (See test reports below)

We still recommend that you check with your local building Fire Services Certifiers or Building Engineers as interpretations around the NCC requirements may differ.